Past Events



As the spring rides high over the bounty of green and happiness, we know that the Bengali New Year – Poila Baishakh is awaiting to knock on our doors. ARC welcomes all Bengali families of KL at YMCA Hall , Brickfield to celebrate Subho Naboborsho (শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪২৫). Curtain open with group songs followed by magical dance performance by our little stars. Short comedy skit by talented ladies brought uncontrollable laughter across the hall. Whole audience started singing together while ARC committee was singing the eternal Bengali songs – “আমি বাংলায় গান গাই , আমি আমার আমিকে এই বাংলায় খুঁজে পাই” .

Tag line of the this Poila Boishakh was ” মুখে হাসি , জিভে জল ” ( smile in face while mouth becomes watery). So welcoming with snack of bengal – “ চাশিঙাড়াজিলেপি “ (Samosa & Jalebi follow by Tea) , Dinner table was full of mouth-watering Bengali cuisine  along with main attraction –  “ Aloo Phool Kopi”, “Chicken Kosha” , “Sorshe Ilish” , “Kochi Pathar Jhol”  and “Amaer Catni” & “Golap Jam” as dessert  and finally end up with “Misti Pan” … just like a “ষোলোআনা বাঙ্গালিয়ানা” .

See the happy moments in Gallery Page.

  • HOLI / DOL UTHSAV : 3rd March 2018

This year ARC celebrated the festival of color at Port Dickson Beach on 3rd March 2018 – Saturday. We gathered at Paradise Lagoon Apartment  ( PD) for celebrating “Holi on the Beach”. Participants spread the colour of love & fragrance of happiness through this spring festival ! Limitless fun continued with a night stay, with exciting BBQ party.

Visit our Gallery page to view the photos of the occasion.


The ARC festive calendar for 2018 starts by the auspicious Saraswati Puja, the Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning. Click here to see how we worshipped Ma Saraswati at Vivekananda Ashram, KL Central. Our puja prangan turned to a ‘milan mela’ again over 150 crowds and all said together ;

জয় জয় দেবী চরাচর সারে, কুচযুগশোভিত মুক্তাহারে।
বীনারঞ্জিত পুস্তক হস্তে, ভগবতী ভারতী দেবী নমহস্তুতে।।

Evening became more exciting with Kid’s Recitation Contest. Nevertheless, delicious traditional diner was served at the end.

  • PICNIC  – Outing to Fraser Hill : 1st to 3rd December 2017

This December when cold breeze starts blowing across the India & Bangladesh, we the “Abhijatris” of Abhijan Recreation Club also went together for the Family Picnic to Fraser Hilltop in Malaysia to get the same flavour of winter. 

Excitement begins as soon as our cars crossed the city boundary and entered to world of greens & highlands. Smells of rain forest, symphony of birdcall and gentle highland breeze increased our excitement indeed. It was fun filled three days with full of unconditional fun for all age groups.

Literally , it’s became an unforgettable trip for all Abhijatris of ARC ! Catch the moods of Picnic here.

  • KALI PUJA / DIWALI : 19th October 2017

Kalipuja which was the third feather on the cap of Abhijan club. The puja of Shyama Ma was done at the same Ashrama hall and was attended by near 200 people. The evening started with bursting of crackers by the old and young. Coloured lights illuminated the premises of the Ashrama as people cheered each other. The huge stock of crackers sponsored by the Club made people very happy and the event thus very successful. A small cultural programme of ‘Dada’ vs ‘Didi’ that followed made the evening more enjoyable. The dinner as promised by the Club was a non-veg galore straight from the Chef’s pot. People satisfied their wish of ‘kabji dubiye khabo’ as they enjoyed the non-veg dishes. The puja started late as per the norms and ‘Amabashya’. The mantras were chanted and puja went on till about 2.30 am in the dead hour of the night. The huge number of people who stayed late at night for the puja to complete, showed the strength and determination of members of Abhijan club, old and young alike.

  • LAKSHMI PUJA : 5th October 2017

Our second expedition followed within 5 days as we celebrated Lakshmi puja on the following Thursday. Families joined with stronger spirit. As Ma Lakshmi’s puja went on with chanting of mantras, the ladies took on themselves to cook the dinner for more than 100 people who gathered for the Puja that night. The dedication, perseverance and an evergreen smile on their faces was the show of the ‘Woman power’ of our Abhijan club members. 

  • DURGA PUJA : 26th – 30th September 2017

The first Expeditions of our Abhijan Recreation Club was started with Saradiwa Durga Puja. Starting from Sashti to Dashami at Vivekananda Ashrama, Brickfields, KL Sentral. We started Sasthi with a panorama of fun and food fair – “Anandamela”. Delicious foods prepared from the heart by our ladies proved itself as all the 18 food stalls had their dishes fully sold out. A few stalls of traditional Indian ornaments added to the colour of the show. Children and adults alike licked their fingers as they savoured the tasty dishes and were asking for more.

Saptami followed with puja bell ‘ghanta’, kasar and dhak inviting each and every one, for the puja of Ma Dashadharini. The first ‘pushpanjali‘ saw the hall filled up with devotees clad in their new clothes worshipping Ma Durga. The beautiful decoration of Nava Durga inside the Ashrama hall created the holy atmosphere of a temple. Delicious lunch after the puja took care of young and old with healthy food. Evening saw the colourful cultural programme with children showing their skills through drama and dance. The 200+ crowd cheered them all. We finished the evening with a finger licking dinner.

The puja crowd increased on the main day of Ashtami.  An early morning visit from the teachers and parents of Garden International School spread the news of Puja throughout the city. Pushpanjali was attended by more than two hundred devotees. As the mantra by the priest echoed through the walls of the Ashrama, everyone chanted the same and prayed for blessings of Ma Durga.

The lunch was the famous traditional ‘khichdi bhog and labda-the delicious vegetable mix. Evening started with Sandhi puja and followed by the variety cultural programme. Inaugural dance followed by the speech from Mr. Brahma Kumar, First Secretary from office of Indian High Commission, Kualalumpur started the evening on a promising note as over 300+ crowd took seat. The digital board at the back of the cultural stage flashed the small video clip of our ARC (Abhijan Recreation Club) in a colourful style. The melody of instrumental songs, one act drama which followed made the evening full of excitement. The day was concluded with a sumptuous dinner of North Indian dishes.

Navami the last Puja day, started early with most of the devotees reaching before 11 am for the pushpanjali. The dhak and kasar sound filled the ashrama hall as the mantras were chanted in the mike by the Priest. Kumari puja saw a number of young girls being clad in saree, getting the puja and gifts from the Adults as per the old Durga Puja tradition. Afternoon saw 200+ devotees forming disciplined ques to take the delicious lunch. A short burst of rain did not deter the enthusiasm of the members as families joined in early in the evening to get ready for the cultural evening. Our Chief Guest, Mr Shahidul Islam, HE High Commissioner of Bangladesh graced the occasion and inspired us with his beautiful words for Durga Puja celebration. Our heartfelt thanks and deep regards for him will always stay. The near 300 crowd were mesmerised by the songs, ladies drama and at the end the much awaited dance sequence by ladies “Ahoban”.  People enjoyed the delicious dinner and as the night became long, members in small groups sang informal songs to stay in the puja premises for some more time.

On the last day, Dashami ladies adoring red and white colour sarees and gents having white Punjabi suits created a festive mood to forget the sadness of the last day of celebration. Aparajita puja was followed by Sindur khela. The devotees danced on the beats of the Dhak as they smeared sindur on the foreheads and faces of each other.  The smiles, the oneness portrayed the strength and unity of Abhijan club. The foundation that has now been laid due to this 5 days celebration, with all your cooperation and support will remain a strong base for future events to come and help to create the Abhijan fortress in time. The night of Dashami had a variety interesting bouquet of songs and stage shows. The evening was charmed by the songs from the teenager band Golden Eagle. It was followed by the colourful much cheered Fashion Fushion and then the cultural night ended with the lively songs from the famous band Zest Bengal which went on very late at night with crowd asking for more.